Sunday, April 26, 2009

Remember It's All About the Shoes!

Our little Prom Queen !

Kenzi and her friend Katie

Prom 2009. After the third pair of ordering shoes and overniting since Wednesday we got the perfect pair. Whew! They were perfect just like the dress when she tried it on. Kenzi looked beautiful and felt like a princess. Just ask her she kept telling us that! :D She went with Josh and buddy since 8th grade. She had a great time and enjoyed her last prom. We went to the dance for awhile and watched the prominade. Everyone looked great. Time is winding down and one more month to go. YEH!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Things I Love!

I was looking for prom shoes for Kenzi. Didn't find any for her but heres a few I came across. . . I love, love, love these shoes. Might have to save my pennies for these!

Easter Was A Great Day!

Kenzi and Ez enjoying some yummies before dinner.

As you can tell from the background it's trying to be spring here. Things are turning alittle green. Kenzi and I get into shorts relishing the fact that the sun is out. It's not quite there. But we're hopeful :D
So surprise to me, Ezra showed up Friday night before Easter. He was supposed to go to Gram's but got a great rate on a flight and came home instead. That was fun! Colton got home from his tournament in Montana on Sunday and he came home too! What fun we had! We haven't all been together since Christmas and it was great to reconnect. We had a great dinner of course. . . and layed around watching our fav Family Guy. I shouldn't probably tell everyone that but hey you have to have a few things in life that arn't the norm. . .

We will all be together again at the end of May for Kenzi's graduation. AAHH! That will be a trip. Hope you all had a nice Easter and enjoyed your family and friends.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here's My New Project! The Easter Bucket!

You gotta love the paint can! I saw this and had to make it for Ali. I know she will love it. I miss doing this fun crafty stuff. It really gets my creative juices flowing.
Happy Easter to you all. Remember to give thanks for all that you have and acknowledge the Lord in all your blessings.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Living on East Coast

I've been looking at blogs from girls who live on the east coast. I've always been so interested about going there. I make it sound like it's sooo far away. But I have never been there. I hope too! I love the look that people display in their homes. Clean white lines, "beachy" stuff. I hope to change one of my rooms that way. I need to go there and be on the east shore. Someday. . .