Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Savings

I hurried down to Albies this morning to get my good deals. It's such a blast getting all this stuff. I know it seems alot but when it comes to some items, I know the items we go through regularly and I really like to stock up. The Sweet Baby Ray's shelf life Aug. 2011. That's our favorite, the sour cream, thru June 30th. We go thru at least, 2 containers a week. So I know those won't go bad.
I'm proud to say that OOP was... $32.78. Whoot Whoot! Saved $ 66.19. That is awesome savings!
Now I wouldn't normally buy those quantities if I was just regular grocery shopping, but thats how you stock up and now I won't be buying sauce for quite a while. It's pretty funny when the cashier rings up 2 bottles of barbie sauce and 1 sour cream and the total is .78 cents. HA!
OR you get 4 pkgs. of jumbo hot dogs and 2 sour creams and the total is .70 cents. HA! Love the coupon shopping. :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Kitchen is Finished!

Remember the old burnt orange countertops and ugly walnut stained cabinets? Well... heres the new look. I love it. My husband can work wonders.
Moved the microwave to a shelf by the stove to give me more room on the counter

If you don't remember what the old stuff looked like you can scroll down a ways and check it out.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is my special friend Isaac. I picked him up on Tuesday morning and brought him back to my house to hang out with me while his mom did some shopping and running errands. You see I've seen him in action at the grocery store with three other siblings in tow and I gotta tell you, that Erin (the mom) is one patient little person. He does just about what every other 3 year old does. Let's just say he doesn't like shopping... well he might like it but when he doesn't get what he wants... you know the rest of the story.
So at that moment I said to myself, when I get a chance I'm going to have him come to my house and let Erin have a break to get some serious shopping done.
It was really quite fun. I felt like a grandma. Am I that old? Unfortunately yes I am. I had lots of fun new things for him to play with. Bubbles, a guy with a helmet and a four wheeler, crayons and a coloring book. Those items are "grandma" stuff. We threw sticks in the river and watched Zoe jump in after them. I showed him the water and we talked about falling off the dock and how cold it would be to land in the water. And I explained to him that if he fell in I would have to jump in after him and the water is so cold right now I would probably have a heart attack, then there wouldn't be anybody to help me and we would really be in a mess. Not sure if he caught all of that. He wanted to test his independnce. I was up on the back patio planting flowers when all of a sudden he flew down the hill onto the dock. I thought , OK I'm going to remain calm, I called to him "Remember what we talked about, not too close to the edge" He said "OK Kaarla". I love his little voice. He didn't get too close, threw the pine cone in and ran back up the hill where I was. Now if that had been me at age 20 something I would have freaked thinking he would fall into the water yadda yadda yadda, but I wanted him to feel independent. Now I know that doesn't always happen, kids don't really listen to what you tell them most of the time but I think it helped us build a better bond between the two of us. He just wanted to see what he could do.
He didn't want to leave when him mom came to pick him up so he stayed alittle while longer. Watching TV he got pretty tired and decided it was time to go.
I was alittle beat after he left and had to lie down myself. I guess I was on my toes watching that little guy. All in all it was a good day and I have a great little friend named Isaac.
I can't wait for him to come again.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


All yesterday and into the late evening it snowed, rained and froze. Can you believe it? Paul and I figured that we have been outside for a total of 4 days in 7 months. That's not very many days. We're hoping the sun will come out permanently and our summer will be on it's way...
I found this post today and want to share. I find Stephanie inspiring and when I read about her, my cares are minimal. I'm thankful for the gospel in my life. I love the Lord and I am so thankful I can pray to a Heavenly Father that listens and answers my prayers.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Albies Savings Today

So... here we go, weeeee!Got all this stuff for $5.60 OOP
Saved $24.81 Now thats a good deal. :0 The Capri Suns were free, on sale for $2 and had coupons worth $2. So I only paid the tax and the pectin was only .99 cents. The JD sauce was $1.49.
I also shopped at this store in Rupert called Ridleys, I don't go there very much but I have been checking their ads thanks to a fellow coupon shopper, Jackie. Got all this stuff for $12.96, saved $23.46. Not bad. The sauce has an experation of Aug. 2011. So it will stay on the shelf for quite awhile. This sauce cost me only .49 ea. the razors were $1.99 and the toothbrushes were .88 cents. Waited alittle too long and lost out on the .75 coupon I had. It expired. They should have only cost me .13 cents. Darn. But still an ok deal at .88 cents.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Two Weeks in May

We celebrated Ez's birthday on May 2. Holy cow he's 26! I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I thought I was gonna die... But I didn't. He weighed 9 lbs, 20" long. That birth was somethin'! I had all my kids naturally mostly because my laboring was pretty quick and I just didn't want any drugs, wanted to be in control thru the whole thing, imagine that and if that's possible at all to be in control when your in labor.
Only 5 hours start to finish. He's a great kid and we have enjoyed him being around. We love you Ez!

That means Paul and I have been married 27 years TODAY. Yikes! We met at Ricks College and I fell for that "bad boy" thing. Dated for four years then got hitched at the LA temple. Good times.

For some of you coming home to the trash can in the front of your house might not be a big deal, but I know what that means... something is being demolished, torn apart or out. I came home to this lovely kitchen. It's not that bad though, Colton and Paul had everything put back together and cleaned up. We will be putting on new counter tops, yeh! and we're going to paint the cabinets black with alittle distressing. AND maybe a new oven. Since the wedding is coming and we're going to be preparing alot of food here it only seems fitting to spruce up the place alittle. I'm so excited. Can't wait.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Score at Albies Today

Today was a good shopping day. 10 boxes of cereal, 3 boxes of little Drumette ice cream cones, 1 Frebreeze, 1 lg. Cascade, 1 lg. Downey fabric softner, 1 lg. Daisy sour cream $24.91. Saved $60.19. Cha Ching!