Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Are the "Housewives of Heyburn"

Isn't this the funnest picture ever? We are gearing up and getting ready for the biggest race of our lifetimes. Well at least my lifetime... LOL. 60 miles. We start at the elementary school in Stanley travel over Galena Summit and end up in Sun Valley. These are dedicated women who love life, their families, who are health conscience and want to make a difference.

We met with our fab photographer Emily on Friday afternoon during a pretty big snow storm. She had this great idea to go out to the dock. Paul trucked the cool chair out thru the backyard to the dock and if you notice no footprints in front of us. She had him walk on the side of the dock, put the chair in the middle and we carefully walked as to make the snow look perfect without any tracks. So cool.

Erin, Jackie, Britanni, Myself, Elise and Renee.
I love these women. I almost can't type because of tears in my eyes. They are inspiring and I just love em! We are the "Housewives of Heyburn!"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My New Motto to the Right

In the picture to the right... Ginger, Karla, and Kim. :)
It could be our logo on our shirts for the relay. I love it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Thoughts on Martha

I just received my new Living magazine aka Martha Stewart. I used to be a huge fan of hers and follow everything she did on TV to all the cook books I could read. I followed her for about 10 years, then I lost interest as other cooks became popular and the cooking channel started. She really was a break thru for the home chef and had so many great ideas that I wanted to do everything she did! As I was reading the magazine which BTW... I don't even know how I started getting the magazine again because I don't even remember getting the subscription, it took me back quite a few years ago. When I was 26, Ez was 3 years old. I started reading Martha's cook books. Thats really where I found my love and passion for cooking. I would read and buy all her books and look at the pictures for hours. I studied all the recipes till I almost had them memorized. I looked at the pictures and wanted to create all the beautiful things she was creating with food. Of course some of the stuff she was cooking and baking were extravagant. But I was bound and determined to make it anyway.
I decided that I wanted to have a Christmas party and invite 10 couples over. Mind you I had never attempted this before, but how hard could it be? Fix alittle food, have your friends over and no big deal. I made my menu, did the shopping and cleaned the house. I started early in the morning. Turkey Teterzinni, puff pastry with a creamy filling, I don't remember all the items I had but I can tell you thinking back it was way too much food and way too many items to prepare in just one day. I had no idea what I had got myself into. I called my brothers girlfriend and asked if she could come over and help me because I was running out of time and still had way too many dishes to prepare. We were preparing hot dishes, cold dishes, dips, sauces, hordevours, desserts you name it I think it was on my menu. Holy cow! We pulled it off and got everything ready just as people started to arrive. I remember laying everything out and it filled a whole dining table and two buffet servers all loaded with food. Of course it was beautiful and delicious. Everyone was blown away with the amount of food I had made. I was too. But that was just the beginning of my passion of creating and experimenting with food. It's my way to show love, comfort and compassion for everyone. It helps me be creative. As I'm cooking I "love" my food. I nourish it with fresh herbs and seasonings. Then when I'm done and serve it or give it away, people know it came from my heart and made with passion. I love to cook and I love to eat!
So that's my experience with Martha. I like to see from time to time what she's doing and experimenting with. I can really take or leave her. She kinds bugs me because she interrupts her guests that she has on her show so much she doesn't let them talk ever! Watch her you'll see what I mean. So there's my deal with Martha...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Don't Cha Know!

It's official! Brooke and Colton have moved to North Dakota... This is them Saturday morning before they left Idaho. They arrived there this afternoon. I can't believe it. I cried when they left and then every time I talked to them to check on where they were during their drive. They traveled some pretty bad weather, icy roads, blowing snow and just plane cold. Colton is now an official CDL, Haz Mat driver. I can't imagine him driving a BIG truck but he's going to. Brooke's dad bought some trucks and Colton's is one of his drivers. He will be driving in the oil fields in North Dakota for about a year. They can bank some good money, pay off some school loans and give them a good bumper for their little future.
He'll be hauling water in and out of the oil fields which have to be heated with propane so that's a little nerve racking. Brooke is going to be a hired cook for the drivers 2 to 3 nights a week. They've rented alittle house from the Episcopalian church there in Dickinson. The people there have a cute little accent, don't cha know... and they are excited about this new adventure in their lives. Last week the temperture was -45 degrees. Holy cow, can you imagine how cold that is? You have to be prepared when you go out. I hope to fly out soon to help them settle in and teach her how to bake bread and cinnamon rolls. My sweet kids are venturing out and it's a blast.