Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Really Here

FALL! It's here and it's chilly.! I really do love this time of year. I love the colors, changing of trees and of course the geese are back and I love watching them on the water. Sometimes at night they're so noisy honking back and forth with each other they wake you up. It's kinda funny. Not sure what they're saying but it's loud.
I've started baking bread, small loaves or course since we eat the whole thing in one night... so yummy. And all these fun baking ideas are showing up on everyone's blogs. I found this new site to the right ~ today and they have some delcious receipes. Check them out. They will get you in the mood to do some baking!
Paul and I are busy, busy, busy... Sometimes it's endless hours at the church and he comes home exhausted but well rewarded. Our life is great, happy kids good health and we still like each other :D

Monday, October 11, 2010

Albies Savings Today

All this stuff would have cost me $195.39. I paid OOP $60.99. If you can't tell, there's 4 pkgs. of paper towels and 5 pkgs. of TP. Pretty good score :D

Haunted Mansion

We went to the haunted mansion in Albion Friday night. We took Brooke & Colt and Kenzi came home and brought her friend Cam. He's cute and very nice. We've been waiting for a while to meet him!
We had a spooky, fun time. This has been our 3rd year going so I guess it's a tradition for our family. Love the haunted mansion.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Friend Loranna

During this time of year when harvesting is going on I think back to when I lived in SLO and I had a wonderful friend named Lorrana. She was always on her game, way ahead of us other young moms and wives. She was always the first one to make a quilt or have a garden or even do canning. At this time of year she was baking bread and doing fun crafty things. As Cali. girls, most of us just didn't think of those things. It's what Utah girls did... I remember going to her backyard and looking at her garden thinking it was truly an art. Her perfect little rows of everything! I just couldn't imagine why you would want a garden when we had a wonderful farmers market that we could go to every Thursday night. Gardens were too much work...
Lorrana was diagnosed with cancer when we were in high school. That was along time ago when cancer was a pretty new sickness for people. I graduated in 1979 she in
1980. She was never supposed to have children or even live beyond her twenties. She did marry, have 3 beautiful children and lived into her early thirties. I remember when she was extremely ill going thru chemo and going to her house to clean, make dinners and help feed her and take care of her children. Her house was warm and inviting with quilts laying around with canned food on the shelves that she canned from her garden. During her process of literally her last days she journaled like crazy. She wrote to each one of her kids and told all about them from birth to the present. She told them how wonderful and sweet they were and how heavenly father had special plans for them in this life. She quietly passed from this life and still to this day I think of her at this time and the impact she made in my life. She was a strong and faithful woman in the gospel. She loved the Lord and never questioned her journey in this life. She taught alot of us lessons of faith and the love of the savior. I miss her, I love her and hope as she continues her journey on the other side that she knows I think of her often. My friend Lorrana. The quilter, the canner, the gardner.

Thursday, October 7, 2010