Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This One's for You Ging !

This is my sister Ginger... We talk everyday literally. Sometimes it's 3 times a day. We laugh, cry and laugh some more. She's been waiting for me to change my blog. Of course she wouldn't know what it en tales because she doesn't blog. I made her a google account so she could comment on my posts, but she can't seem to do even that. She's a hoot. If she comes to town I'm having a party so everyone can meet her. I love her. She's my best friend.
We had lots of fun on Thanksgiving weekend. Despite the bitter cold and I mean cold and snow we had a quiet dinner with wonderful food and great company. Brooke and Colton came and Kenzi and Cam from Logan. Us girls did a craft. Painted blocks then put vinyl lettering on the blocks and then embellished them.

that was fun... then we ate about 4pm.
On Saturday everyone left doing their own thing so Paul and I decided to be adventurous. We went and bought a tree tag, $5 bucks and went up to Pomerelle and cut down our Christmas tree. What a hoot. It was so cold! Take a look at those boots, They're Ezzy's.
I don't have any adventurous boots so being about 2 sizes too big they worked for the time. I trudged up those hills like a champ. The only thing that killed me was no air. My legs didn't burn, thanks to Zumba... but the air was thin. We finally found a tree, a very tall tree and then cut the top out of it. It's cute and decorated and next year I think I want to do it again. I'll be alittle more prepared though. I'm gettin' my own boots! See that black spot on the right? That's Paul crashing in the snow. He was tired from traipsing thru the snow he's resting while the big boys cut the tree down. Ha!

My cute little "Charlie Brown" tree. I love it.

These little ones are Pauls great nieces and nephew. They were bundled up playing in the snow and having a great time. They're dad's were up cutting down their trees and haulin' them back on the snow machine. It was about a three hour ordeal. Good times in Idaho!