Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lonely Days

You have to watch this. Made me laugh and I thought of my Paul. He would totally do this for me. Love him. (Sunday's are long days without him. I miss him.)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Recipe Surfing

I found a couple of new sites thanks to Brooke and Elise... This one "Three Many Cooks" has wonderful ideas and the "Pioneer Woman" is awesome. Check it out and enjoy. Let me know if you get inspired...(you'll have to copy and paste the url)

Also while your at it... check out Brooke's bridal pictures. So beautiful.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wedding Bells

What a whirlwind of activites. It's very sureel to have one of your children get married. What a bitter sweet time in someones life. Brooke and Colton were married August 14th. Paul was able to marry them and what a sweet tender moment for him. We laughed, cried, and were nervous all at the same time. We had a few moments together... The whole event went off with no problems and we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. About 350 people came to the reception to greet the two families and the two "lovebirds". Who are at the present time in Cancun enjoying themselves relaxing and enjoying this sweet moment in their lives.

The whole party was everything we expected it to be. The food was wonderful, the decor beautiful and of course all the people invovled were so gracious to do anything we asked of them. Thank you to you all.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cali Trip

Went to Cali. for my dad's 80th birthday party. We saw lots of family and friends. It was busy but some of us managed to go to the beach, shop and hang out. The weather was great and we really enjoyed each other. When you only have a short time to visit you really try to savor the moments. That's what's important. Life is good.
Paul and Colt Surfing. They were in the water all day. Came home like little lobsters. Kenzi was out there too but I don't have a pic of her. She was so good at it, some people asked her on the beach if she knew where a good place was to eat. "I'm not from here, I'm from Idaho..." They thought she was a local. She looked so good with the board and wet suit!

The "Motley Crew"

My dad and mom

Brooke and Kenzi at farmers market sharing a carmel apple w/ m&m's...

Paul, Kenzi, JR,(nephew)Colt and Brooke Framers Market is the best place to be in SLO on Thursday nights. Tons of people come from the valley and the food is great and the fresh produce is awesome. We ate so much fresh fruit. It was a lot of fun.

Jaimie (neice) Brooke, Colt, Ging, my sis, Paul and Kenzi Koo