Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kenzi's Trip

Kenzi is back from Peru and had a wonderful time. She has lots of stories and experiences that will last her a lifetime. A friend named Adam went with them on their journies and took most of their pictures so what I have is very few. She got bored with my camera right off the get go and Adam has more professional looking shots. So I'll share with you a few and when I get more I'll post.
This is Cam's dad, Steve, her traveling companion. They kept everything in their little safe in their hotel room.
The only shot of Kenzi in a picture. Standing in front of an old cool house. She loved the blue and the old wooden door.Laundry DayKenzi and Cam

Monday, August 1, 2011

These Muggy Hot Days

The last few days have reminded me of when we first moved to Rupert. 1993, Kenzi was 2, Colton was 3 and Ez 7. We actually moved on the 4th of July and I remember watching the fireworks going off as we pulled into town. The kids thought they were just for them! The weather then, all summer was very much like it has been, hot and muggy. Big thunder and lighting storms all summer long. Those big craklin' thunder bolts. They were pretty exciting.
As I lived in Rupert I remember going to any store trying to find flowers so I could plant in my pots and to my surprise there was not a flower to be found. I couldn't believe that everything was already gone AND they wouldn't be getting anymore. WHAT?! I had never heard of such a thing. It's only the end if July! Being from Cali. you bought flowers all year round and planted all year. That was the first of many dissappointments. Not just the fact that my husband had moved me to Hell... sorry if thats offensive, but I honestly felt that and we were living with his parents which I'm sure they were not happy about either. It took a few months until we bought a 2 bedroom little house in Rupert cleaned it up, remodeled and moved in. Finally alittle home. 3 kids in one bedroom. That was fun. :)
How things have changed... Kenzi is 20, Colton, 23 and Ez, 27. Everyone living on their own and happy. Our electric bill has actually gone from $300 down to $66. Last month to be exact. Now that's accomplishment! I'm estatic about that one!
We've been married 28 years and Paul's the Bish. for 1 year now. WOW thats crazy. The weather has brought back some long ago memories and tore at my heart strings.
Life is good.