Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Comin' Home!

Tonight is New Year's Eve. I will be flying home tomorrow and I can't wait. My family has been missing their mom and ready for her to come home. So is Papa...
My mom is doing well. She gets alittle tired but still is on the mend. I hope she will stick to her re-cooperating instructions and stay low for alittle while longer.
Elise have you had the baby yet? Hang in there! I will call you as soon as I get back!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Just Checking In

Today was spent washing blankets, alittle grocery shopping and cleaners. My dad is hilarious. He is getting absent minded and looks so much like my grandma Elda every day. He forgets where he puts his wallet and doesn' t remember to close any door or turn off the TV. WOW! It's different watching your parents age. He also says to watch out because if you or anything hits the floor, you'll get thrown in the washer! He was looking for his favorite blankets today to take his nap and they were no where to be found. He was alittle upset about that. He He...
Mom is burnt out today. She obviously did too much the last two days and she is paying for it. I literally had to run around after her yesterday about not lifting too much, bringing wood in for the wood stove, which by the way is consistently 50 degrees here but rainy, going up and down the stairs, you just name it I'm trying not to let her do it. But... can't keep a good woman down. Her neck looks very good where she had her incision. She is starting to feel all the feeling coming back in her neck and chin. Today she sat 90% of the day and let everyone around her do what they needed. I'm hoping tomorrow she will feel and look better.
Things are quiet on the Douglass home front. Colt is in mild pain and doesn't want to take the pain pills anymore. They make him alittle irritable... :( Kenzi called and she has made dinners, done laundry, fed the animals and has been taking very good care of the men in our family. Love that girl. But she is in no hurry to get hitched. Being the mom is alot of hard work! Job well done babe.
I hope to come home this weekend. I miss my cozy living room and my hubby, snuggled up in the big chair he got for us to sit together while we watch movies. He's such a romantic. My life there is great and I can't wait to get back and be with my fam. Love you guys! Plus, I wanna open my Christmas presents!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Has Come and Went

Well things are never dull around the Douglass household. We have had an exciting holiday season. I was just getting back on my feet and feeling like I had everything under control. . .
When I received a phone call from my sister telling me that they had admitted my mother into emergency. She had had a mini stroke and they were trying to find out what exactly was going on. WOW! A few days went by and with MRI's, cat scans, sonograms they finally found that she had a blocked carotid artery. 80% blockage. Extremely serious for a woman at her age, 82. So Tuesday night at 10:00 pm my brother called from SL and said he was leaving Wed. morning for Cali, she was due for surgery Thurs. morning, Christmas eve. So...I thru clothes in my bag for at least a week and Wed. am Paul drove me to SL. Mom had her surgery Thurs. morning and everything went very well. She's very luckey she has had no side effects from the little stroke she did have. The doctor which BTW was a totally cool guy that grew up in my county and two of the four brothers are both outstanding heart surgeons between two counties. The hospital and staff are completely top notch and it was re-assuring that she had the utmost care all the way around. The doctor told us that was extremely lucky that she didn't die because of how severe the blockage was and someone at her age. We feel very blessed to still have mom here with us. She's recuperating well and really you can't even tell she was in surgery two days ago. We brought her home yesterday and she looks fabulous today. We had our Christmas dinner tonite 30 people here, I'm alittle tired. . . but we pulled it off with alot of help with family members. BTW the food was fab! I will stay here for another week just to be sure mom is on her feet and get her into some follow ups with the docs.
Here she is my cute mom two days after her surgery feeling great and ready to go! Crazy!

My husband has pulled off another fantastic job with my kids. He did Christmas eve, stuffed stockings and made sure everything was ready for Christmas day. Kenzi made a fabulous dinner and everyone enjoyed each other. I have never been without my husband or kids for Christmas. that was alittle heartbreaking. But we survived. Today all the kids went snowboarding and to our dismay Colton crashed and fractured his sternum. OUCH! He is out of c0mmision for a couple of weeks. Paul delt with that today as well without me. Whew! That guy is going to receive a halo for sure. He has really gone beyond the call of duty. I love that guy. :) Bless his heart.
So they say "things" come in three's, swine flu, my mom and Colton, so I'm hoping things are thru with the Douglass family and we can get into some nomal activites. Stay tuned though you never know! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Back!

Whew! That was a week to remember... For those of you who don't know I have been sick with the "swine flu" and that name does it justice. I can see now why prego moms, young children, the elderly should not get this horrible bug that creeps up on you just because it tricks you every time you turn around. After the first 24 hours I thought ok, this can't get any worse but after lying on the floor into the wee hours of the mornings, get that plural... meaning, more than one hour and more than one day, I thought ok this is pretty bad. Between the horrible stomach pains and fevers, on the fourth day the exessive vomiting had subsided but the potty breaks just kept coming. Day five, yeh! I felt almost half human. Kenzi was coming home and I know she was ready to help out.
My wonderful, kind, patient husband has been hovering over me for a solid week, helping me in and out of the tub, which was sometimes twice a day because the aches and pains were so excruciating that not even Motrin would touch it. Giving me tiny sips of of whatever I thought I could keep down, and running the household. I did hear him comment that he felt he had done more in one day taking care of things amd hadn't even left the house. He really appreciates what I do daily.
Today is day 7 and I'm feeling at a 3 which 10 was the worst. I'm really weak, lost 8 lbs. :) but
I'm almost ready to get back in the saddle. Just alittle more shopping, Kenzi and I will bake on Saturday, wrap presents then we will be ready!
Thank you to my friends who called and text to see how I was. Don't feel bad if I didn't talk to you I Just couldn't talk. And thank you to Amy for dinner on Monday night. The boys loved it. I only hope you bring it again so I can try it!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something Fun

If you like Vera Bradley bags go here now. For just a few more days you can get a 20% discount at check out. Some really cute things on sale, plus the discount you can pick up some fun Christmas gifts. Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Still Here

OK I've survived another week. I really thought I needed something and a few times asked for some tranquilizers but no one obliged me. That's ok. I got thru the week hardcore just like I deliver babies, no drugs. You learn a helluva lot more. . .
Talking to my mom this morning, dad is really loosing his little mind and is very forgetful. It's weird to think of that happening to your parent's. Mom is as spry as anyone in her path. We joke because it's her that's pulling me and my sis down the mall hallways. She outdoes us. I'm homesick this time of year. Always have been since living here. Not that I don't like being here, but I just miss shopping and baking with those girls and doing a fun craft together. I love them.
Stay tuned for some fun times ahead with TG. Everyone will be home on Wednesday and it will be great. :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a Moment

I've decided that we are put on this earth to learn from our experiences and though we may not like what is put in front of us it is up to us to decipher how we handle our challenges. Being a woman of faith and relying on the Lord is sometimes all we have. Sometimes what I want to do (throw a fit, rant, rave, swear, carry on crying... and I've already done this) is not always the best choice... but I can tell you it does make you feel better :)
People need to understand that we ALL have a past and we ALL have a future. Have you heard of the saying "People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?" What that means is, you should not criticize other people for having the same faults that you yourself have. People really need to take a look at themselves or their own families before they speak. Because when you talk of other's and it comes back around, it's hurtful. But we are here is learn patience, longsuffering, kindness, turn the other cheek. Those are the virtues I'm working on today. They're tough but they're there for a reason. I have to believe that. That's why I'm here on this earth. If other's choose not to learn those virtues, they're loss my gain. I have to believe that.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Albies Deal for the Week

This week didn't have many great deals at Albertsons but this one is the best. Sparkle paper towels 8 pack : 4 pkgs. @ $10.39 $41.56

On sale 4 pkgs @ 5.00 $20.00
Instant $3 off when you
buy two (bought 4) -6.00
Had 4 $1 off coupons -4.00
Grand total for 4 pkgs. $10.00
That's a whopping $2.50 ea.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Holidays Are Approaching

Usually living here in Idaho this time of year it's very cold. But this past week has been rather mild. Up to 68 degrees or more. Tonite when I got home from work it was very warm and mild outside. Paul and I were reminiscing about these types of evenings back in SLO town. It totally reminds us of those fall evenings when it gets dark early and the air is still warm and you can smell the salt air. Those nights are cool. Here the air is different. Sometimes you get a whiff of the stagnant water from the river or a dairy from up the road. LOL :D But either way we're in the mood for the holidays. We're planning our TG dinner and wondering if we need to make a road trip somewhere after Christmas.
Everyone will be home this weekend so we have planned to have a family picture taken. You know how those go! I told Emily to be prepared for some murmuring. Should be interesting. Stay tuned. . .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Look for This Movie Soon

I bet that this will be one of the best movies that you can take your families to for the holiday season. Take a look and decide for yourselves. I can't wait.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Brooke Graduated!

Paul and I went to Boise this weekend to see Brooke speak at her graduation ceremony. She graduated from Apollo College in Massage Therapy. There were 185 students from all age groups that graduated in all different fields. She did a great job! We love our Brooke. We finally met her dad for the first time in 4 years. I'm sure he thought we were a bunch! We also enjoyed watching Lindsey, Brooke's twin graduate in dental hygiene. Congrads girls! We love you. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

We Saw our Little Freshman!

Paul and I went to Logan on Saturday and spent the day with Kenzi. She is doing very well and liking school. She now is interested in transfering to Utah Valley Univ. in Provo to enroll in the culinary arts program there. So I'm on a mission once again to get things lined out. We love and miss her!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Change of Events!

Poor Ezra got into a wreck and totalled his car. He's very Lucky to be alive. Ran into the back of a semi that was stopped because of another wreck in front of him. So sad... and that very same week, he was laid off from his job. :( People say events come in threes. . . he moved home! AAHH!

Paul and Colton drove to Oregon this past Saturday, moved Ez out of his apartment and the kid left Oregon. They drove in late last night. So. . . Ez will be looking for another job and he will need to try to find a little car. His spirits are pretty high and hopefully he won't have to live at home for long. I think it's tougher on him than Paul and I just for the fact he's been on his own for so long. He'll survive.
So. . . no more running around in the buff :D and I'll have to plan alittle bit better for dinner.
AND some things never change... Kenzi was home this weekend too. She kept me company while the boys were away and we enjoyed ourselves lounging around the house, watching movies and of course polishing her nails. My favorite thing to do. :) She is enjoying college and having alot of fun. She's spunky and cute and I love her!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall In Idaho

This is why I love living here. These geese are so cool. They were just haning out on this beautiful day. You can see the leaves are really turning and the river looks amazing. Our family is blessed to be here.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Open this link and you will laugh your head off. Thanks to Brookie for this one. :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Deals for this Week

So I thought I would share with you my savings for this week.
I spent a total cost between Albertsons and Walgreens before savings: $445.81
Saved: 219.47
Making that a grand total of $226.34! That's 50% savings. Isn't that great?!
I can't begin to tell you what I bought. OK one example: Snuggle fabric softener. Sale $3.99, coupon for $3 off. Total .99 cents each! WOW! I bought 4 because I had 4 coupons from the Sunday paper. Nestle refrigerator cookie dough, Sale $2.00. Coupon for $1 off match that with Albertsons match coupon, .37 cents each. For three I paid $1.11. I should have only paid tax but I only had two dollar off's and one .55 cent off. So if I had the other dollar off I would have only paid tax. Good luck girls. Call me with any questions. You should all be doing this it saves a ton of money with alittle effort. Happy Shopping! :D

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Check This Out!

This is what we woke up to this morning at 7:00am and it's still going at 2:00pm. Those little white flecks... SNOW ! Yikes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Check This Out !

I found this on a blog today and I love this song. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

Well it's official. The heater is on and I don't think it's going off until next spring. We dipped down to 26 degrees this morning and it was something. I'm on the prowl to buy a cord of wood and have it stacked and ready to go. Crazy.

Also I just have to tell you all who read my blog that I did only three (3) loads of laundry today in about 2 hours, folded and put away. That is my highlight for the whole weekend.! I love the laundry with just the two of us. I even ironed some of Paul's shirts before he had to wear them. Ha! :D

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Official, Fall is Here

The wind has blown all day and it is cold. Down to 29 degrees tonight. Can you believe that? There is snow in the mountains. Kenzi text me and it's snowing in Logan. I don't think I'm ready for all of this. I can definitely tell I'm getting a little older because all this chilly weather is not fun anymore. I'm feeling it in my bones...
I got to see Colton and Brooke on Monday and we had lunch together. They are doing well. Kenzi got a 100 on her psych. test and Ez has survived the last two weeks without Omar. All his surgeries went well and he had everything he needed when the docs needed it. Yeh! :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Is Here

I don't know if I should be sad or glad that the changing season is upon us. I love this picture because it captures all the colors I have in my home. They are warm and inviting. I love this time of year here in Idaho. The geese are coming back here from Canada for the winter and literally they come in flocks. You can hear them like a train coming thru the house honking loud to let you know they're here. It's so cool to look out at the river and see them all coming in for landing. I'll have to try and capture a picture of that.
My kids are all gone in different places. Kenzi at Utah State. Colt at BSU and Ez in Oregon. It's kind of a trip thinking that your kids are making they're own way in life and creating experiences they will look back on and remember when they're old like me. I miss them. I miss they're laughs and hugs. They will all be here for Thanksgiving and that will be fun. I love you guys! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Reveal

It's been about two weeks and the laundry room is done. I had such a blast cleaning and painting the room, organizing my scrapbooking stuff. I wish I had more laundry to do just so I can be in there! It really is my little sanctuary and I love it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Scroll down so you can see the before pictures. It's somethin'!

The buelletin board is so pretty with sunflower

fabric I found at an outlet fabric store

The baskets are my favorite to hide all that "stuff"

I have a little space to accessorize :)

Great ceramic pumkin I found at TJ Maxx

My little spot !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Campbells Soup!

Just went to Alberston's because I remembered that I saw on a blog today that it was the last day of Cream of Mushroom soup on sale for .99. Well. . . I had 3 coupons for $1 off 2 cans, used double Albertson's coupons for a savings of $6. My sub-total was -.06, tax .18,
TOTAL .12 cents
Thats right, your read it correctly. Twelve cents for 6 cans of CM soup! Woohoo! This is hilarious.
Update: Laundry room half painted and I love the color. :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm the Coupon Chick!

Some of you may know that I've been shopping with coupons since June. I have saved hundreds of dollars. I love it. Here is my fab savings for this week. Used my register rewards and with store savings:$40. Only spent a total of $20. Yeh!

Bought all this soup for $11.83 Received $5 catalina (register rewards) 30 Cans

Thats a whole case plus 9 cans
Savings with in store savings and coupons: $14.50 . Thats 39 @ can

Second Albertsons Order:
Saved $47. with store savings and coupons: Spent $49
I have 6 boxes of Crystal Light, 8 cans of chili,10 can of tomatoes, light bulbs, deoderant, oats
and soap.

So. . . I feel pretty good about today's bargins. Oh and by the way, Paul's gone this week again,:(
I have the paint color picked for the laundry room so I'm hoping to get that done. Look for pictures. The leaves are falling alittle today off the trees. Wind's blowing. . .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm going to be doing a laundry room makeover. I'm so excited to get my scrap booking stuff organized. I have loved my laundry room. It has been cheery and bright and has been extremely functional. But it is 8 years old in decorating years and I'm ready for a more "grown up" look. Can that really happen to a laundry room? Here is some before shots and hopefully in the next two weeks I will have some after. Stay tuned.

My stuff isn't always on the counter like this. I have just collected from all areas of the house and brought it to this room so I can start working on it

OK so, it was down to 50 the other night and cold. Well it felt like fall. . . Today 90! But I went ahead and took advantage of being all alone. Cleaned out two closets, yeh! Weeded the back yard, watered, swept cobwebs off the house and started to put some fall decorations around the house. I'm not getting too crazy but I am having the girls over Friday night and it has to feel alittle festive. I like what I accomplished today hope you do too.
Stay tuned for some more exciting things happening around my little part of the woods.
Be sure to click on each picture so you can get the full effect.

News Flash! Just talked to my sweet husband, he is terrific. . . and he's coming home for the weekend :). . . but. . . he is going back to SL on Monday. :D
You know what that means? More time by myself to get more things done around the house. YEH!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm All Alone!

Oh wow! Everyone has left this house and I'm all by myself. YEH!!!! Kenzi went back to school and Paul has gone to SL to help his nephew work for the week.

It has been so long since I've been by myself. I have already cleaned the laundry room, swept, moved Paul's clothes to the garage that should have been in the garage since June (work clothes and boots), done all the laundry, filled the car with gas, took my laundry money to Coinstar and redeemed $30 bucks, planted mums in the front yard, watered and did some weeding. WHEW! I love it! I can get so much done and I don't have anyone yelling at me trying to find me or anything.

I'll fill you in on what I accomplish in the next few days. The weather has turned alittle chilly and fall is slightly in the air. I'm not quite ready but it's coming. . . I have some fall DIY projects that I want to do. This one is a simple one that I'm going to try for Friday night. I have a dinner planned here for the yoga girls. I'll give it a try. But stay tuned for more. :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall Nesting Ideas

I've been reading a blog from and she has this fun blogging she does called "10 Seasonal Nesting Tips" so I thought I would give it a try. Some people are so very articulate when they write, something I'm not very good at but it's something I want to get better at.
I love to decorate my home. Especially when the different seasons come around. Living in Calif. didn't really offer distinct seasonal changes like it does here in Idaho. I remember my mom changing the decor though when holidays were coming about. Back then she would buy those puffy pull apart decorations from the Hallmark store and put them in the center of the table. Funny how I loved those little things.
I probably love the fall the most just because of the colors. They are so clean and bright to me. And they really tell of my personality. I guess you would say my home is decorated fall year round just because of the colors on the walls and my accents.
Kenzi loves fall too. She likes the change of the weather because she knows soon you can curl up with a snuggy blanket and homemade chicken pot pie will soon be in the oven. Your home smells of nutmeg and orange zest burning in the wax pot and it's dark by 5:00 pm.
I think I like the roar of the furnace turning on in the wee hours of the morning. It gives you that cozy feeling of staying in bed just a minute longer.
I love fall nesting because I know in a few months all my kids will be home for a short time and we will all be together to laugh and enjoy each other's company. I love those times.
My home may not be lavishly decorated like BHG but I know my family loves to come here and they feel safe. They know they can be themselves and feel the calm from the storm. AND they know they can get the best homemade dinner ever!

20 Things to Look Forward to at Autumn Time
1. The geese returning to the river
2. Reading a great book before bed
3. A crackling fire in the wood burning stove
4. Mums on the front porch
5. Pumpkins
6. Leaves blowing down the road as you drive
7. Making homemade granola
8. Fuzzy socks for your cold feet
9. Pumpkin spice muffins
10. Candles burning in the window
11. Your favorite heavy blanket on the couch
12. A yummy roast with homemade rolls
13. Flannel sheets
14. Cute sayings to remind you to be thankful
15. Eating canned salsa you made in August
16. Starting your car 10 minutes before you have to leave
17. Wearing mittens and a scarf
18. Making chili
19. Eating popcorn
20. Laughter from your family around the table

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ez and Bryce

Boyz Just Havin' Fun!

Ez is Tearin' it UP!

I received more pictures of Ez and his trip to Texas from Bryce's mom Carrie. Thank you Carrie! Everyone looks like they had a great time.

Surf's Up!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ezzy in the Lone Star State

Ez is down in Texas visiting his friend Bryce. We love Bryce! :) He has been Ez's friend from BYUI for a few years. Bryce has come home during the holidays and celebrated Nutcracker with us and just hangin' out with the fam.

Ez looks like he found a surf board and he's tearing it up. Way to go Ez! We love you!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


OK! Now that I'm over it and a week has gone by I can tell my story. Here goes. . .

Last Wednesay 4:00 AM the dog barks, Paul gets up to see what happening, the whole back of the house is open because it's fairly warm night our sliding door is open and when he looks out to see whats up he sees what he thinks is a cat sitting on the deck. WELL... to his surprise it turned out to be a skunk. YES a skunk sitting on the deck right by the door. Oh my gosh! The dog barked again and you can imagine what happened. Of course the skunk raised it's little tail and sprayed away. Paul hurried and shut the door because he realized it wasn't a kitty and well it was too late. I shot out of bed like someone had stabbed me in the chest and was totally freaked out by the whole thing. I want you to know that when they spray the stench is far worse of what you smell on the road driving by a dead skunk.

SO... of course we couldn't stay in that room and by now we're wandering around the house trying to decide where we might finish sleeping. We tried the couch opposite ends and that didn't work. The house was permiated with the smell. Then we went to Colt's room downstairs and after being there for about 5 minutes it just kept getting stronger. (Mind you Kenzi is dead asleep and has now idea what's going on. Her room was locked up tight.) I leave that room and head back to living room. Paul stays there. I finally fall back asleep around 5:30.

Next morning we check the damage. Spray on the deck, sliding door and it had gone thru the screen onto the tile of our bedroom floor. We clean, clean, clean. I finally realized it's in all the bedding. Take that to the laundromat, come home with that all washed then realized it's in the curtains, take that to the cleaners. Boy that was smelly! The oils penetrate the fabric. By now it's Friday still pretty strong smell. Saturday morning still grosz and realize it's in my closet. We take all the clothes out of the closet and hang them outside on makeshift whatever, wash all the walls and shelves down with bleach water and white vinegar. Got that off the internet. Scrub the deck again window, screens, tile, casing, you name we scrubbed. Finally that night after a whole bottle of bleach, animal Frebreez and everything outside for 9 hours we felt like we could stand to be in the room.

So that is my skunk story. Sick!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Isn't this CUTE!

All of our lives should be this simple. This picture is so sweet. I love it! Free up some time for yourself today and see what happens with that someone special.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Harvest from the Garden

I gone from this To This

Harvesting zukes and tomatoes is profitable... A bit time consuming but well worth it. 4 jars of salsa and 3 batches of zuchinni, chocolate chip muffins. Success! Makes you feel accomplished and proud of what you baked. Love that garden :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kenzi is Officially at School

We took Kenzi to Logan today and moved her into her dorm. That was fun. I only had a hard time when we said good-bye. It kinda feels like a death. Not really but just a sharp pain in your heart and a big knot in your throat. :( It took about a 1/2 hour to get a grip on sobbing silently in the backseat. Then Colton wanted to come in the back and hug me to cheer me up. That brought a smile to my face and then I was OK. Only one more week until he's gone and then PARTY! :D
We had everything we needed. We ended up bringing a few items back home that were a bit too tight to fit into her little space. Her bed is amazing! So comfy with the temperpedic on the bottom, a feather bed and a cushy mattress cover. You have to run and jump up on the bed. We put risers under her bedframe for storage underneath. It was great. She will have total of 5 roomates. Yicks! We met a few of them and they seem like great girls. Should be lotsa fun...

Little Closet Space. . .
Cute Comfy Bed

Something's Gonna Happen!

I don't know what it's going to be but I'm gettin' antsy to have something fun. Maybe planning a fall luncheon with yummy soups and bread or a fun filled Christmas couples party. Don't know yet, but I'm thinking about it. :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reading Nie Nie

I have been reading this girl's blog from Utah for quite some time and finally I decided to put her "blinkie" on my blog. She was in a plane accident about a year ago and she blogs every day with her thoughts. If you think your life is in perril then read about hers. You will find her very inspiring and know that your life is wonderful... And you will say to yourself "It's a wonderful life!"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kenzi's Back From Cali !

So she went and came back. It seemed like a whirlwind. She had a great time with Aunt Ginger and her cousins, Kim, Lacey, Jerry and Alan. Even little miss Ali got to feeling better after bouting with the flu for a few days. Of course the Black Eyed Peas concert was a total blast. They were bumping and grindin' all night long. Fergie looked great of course and those backup dancers "kicked butt". Makes her want to be a professional dancer now! We're back into our routine and in just a short week we will be moving her to Logan. Lots of exciting things happening here. I can barely keep up. . .
Colt is in Alaska fishing with grampa Roger and we hope he has pictures to share when he comes home. It's hot there which is a little unusual but hes loving it.
Kenzi and "Lil Aunt Ging"

Hangin' with the girl's at the pool

Ging, Lacey, Kenzi and Kim

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slo Town

So Kenzi is in SLO this week visiting with my family. I have been thinking alot of the good ole days and I'm reminiscing about what I used to do when I was her age. Of course we always had "farmer's market" on Thursday nights and that was a great time. All the fresh produce, barbecue ribs on the grill and sitting on the sidewalk curb enjoying good food and friends. There was always a band playing and the weather was hot with a little hint of salt air. Then there is those huge oak trees that are beautiful. They grow everywhere. On my parent's property there are a few trees that are huge and seem like a land mark to me.
Those were good times. I'm glad Kenzi gets to experience those same activities and the different scenery. I love going back home and hope someday to maybe go back and spend more than just a week or two...

This is what it looks like at mom and dad's house

Farmer's Market in SLO town

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kenzi's New Car!

She's college bound and what doesn't go better than a cute car. Jetta! Yeh!! Kenzi and her dad went to Salt Lake yesterday and did a whole bunch of research and this is what they decided to purchase. They have spent endless hours on the computer together and they found a great little car. Not only does it fit her but after looking at about 7 cars the minute she said she sat in the car she "knew it was the one for her."
She's off to Cali. on Tuesday for the Black Eyed Peas concert with her cousins and Aunt Ginger and she can hardly wait. What could be more better than being 18 again. Lovin' Life! I found this little saying and I think I'm going to make it Keni's motto:
Live your life in such a way
that when your feet hit the floor
in the morning
Satan shutters and says...
"Oh shit, she's awake!"
Thanks to my good life!

Kenzi Roo