Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm going to be doing a laundry room makeover. I'm so excited to get my scrap booking stuff organized. I have loved my laundry room. It has been cheery and bright and has been extremely functional. But it is 8 years old in decorating years and I'm ready for a more "grown up" look. Can that really happen to a laundry room? Here is some before shots and hopefully in the next two weeks I will have some after. Stay tuned.

My stuff isn't always on the counter like this. I have just collected from all areas of the house and brought it to this room so I can start working on it

OK so, it was down to 50 the other night and cold. Well it felt like fall. . . Today 90! But I went ahead and took advantage of being all alone. Cleaned out two closets, yeh! Weeded the back yard, watered, swept cobwebs off the house and started to put some fall decorations around the house. I'm not getting too crazy but I am having the girls over Friday night and it has to feel alittle festive. I like what I accomplished today hope you do too.
Stay tuned for some more exciting things happening around my little part of the woods.
Be sure to click on each picture so you can get the full effect.

News Flash! Just talked to my sweet husband, he is terrific. . . and he's coming home for the weekend :). . . but. . . he is going back to SL on Monday. :D
You know what that means? More time by myself to get more things done around the house. YEH!


Mary Ellen said...

I am in love with the hanging over your door! LOVE IT! I have got to find something that I can use on my red door for fall. Something that isn't in the way of the construction. When my stairs and deck are done boy do I have ideas!!!

EM said...

You can NOT put fall stuff out yet! You have to will summer to stay around a little longer. I need some more warm weather, don't you?!!! Are you really going to grow up? Having a grown up laundry room cracks me up!!!

Kenzi McKay said...

Poor Woman. You spelled pumpkin wrong. You are not a 3rd grader...look at my pumkin mama!! HA HA!