Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm the Coupon Chick!

Some of you may know that I've been shopping with coupons since June. I have saved hundreds of dollars. I love it. Here is my fab savings for this week. Used my register rewards and with store savings:$40. Only spent a total of $20. Yeh!

Bought all this soup for $11.83 Received $5 catalina (register rewards) 30 Cans

Thats a whole case plus 9 cans
Savings with in store savings and coupons: $14.50 . Thats 39 @ can

Second Albertsons Order:
Saved $47. with store savings and coupons: Spent $49
I have 6 boxes of Crystal Light, 8 cans of chili,10 can of tomatoes, light bulbs, deoderant, oats
and soap.

So. . . I feel pretty good about today's bargins. Oh and by the way, Paul's gone this week again,:(
I have the paint color picked for the laundry room so I'm hoping to get that done. Look for pictures. The leaves are falling alittle today off the trees. Wind's blowing. . .


EM said...

So I get totally confused about all this coupon stuff, but I secretly want to be a coupon shopper. I might need some pointers. I am calling you tomorrow to bring you the clothes - I PROMISE!!!

Mary Ellen said...

You are the QUEEN!!!