Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Is Here

I don't know if I should be sad or glad that the changing season is upon us. I love this picture because it captures all the colors I have in my home. They are warm and inviting. I love this time of year here in Idaho. The geese are coming back here from Canada for the winter and literally they come in flocks. You can hear them like a train coming thru the house honking loud to let you know they're here. It's so cool to look out at the river and see them all coming in for landing. I'll have to try and capture a picture of that.
My kids are all gone in different places. Kenzi at Utah State. Colt at BSU and Ez in Oregon. It's kind of a trip thinking that your kids are making they're own way in life and creating experiences they will look back on and remember when they're old like me. I miss them. I miss they're laughs and hugs. They will all be here for Thanksgiving and that will be fun. I love you guys! :)


Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

Change is in the air isn't it! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today. Lovely blog you have, I will have to visit again soon.

Mary Ellen said...

sweet sweet sweet...I love the sound of the geese. I miss it. I don't get to hear it now being downtown. It's a good reminder and memory!

jeff and char said...

okay my long lost friend karla i found you on emilys blog, so how are ya i am trying to learn about coupons you are the bomb holy cow, and i loooovveee the laundry room makeover it is so cute what are you doing these days? hows the kiddos? love char

jeff and char said...

I just love you Karla you crack me up, yes I built a salon by my house in July it is so great for me and my little fam, look back on my blog and you can see some pics!!!!! i am glad i found ya!