Saturday, November 20, 2010

My "Marlboro Man"

OK... He may not be the typical "Marlboro Man" good looking cowboy riding a horse with the big brimmed cowboy hat...

But my "Man" is a whole lot better. He's cute, rugged and who can't resist that adventurous hat he has on? He's just as exciting as the day I met him. And I get a thrill every time I get a chance to be with him.
It's snowed about 5 inches starting last night. There's something I love about waking up to everything being winter white. I love it.
I have had a day today like I love to spend it. Fire in the fireplace, made potato soup which I have to say is truly the most delicious tasting soup I've ever made, Maybe made it a time or two before but today especially good. And I made my totally favorite cookies, "Ginger Snaps".

Notice how a couple have already disappeared...
I don't know why I love those little bites so much but they bring me joy to my mouth as I bite into that little cookie. And to top it off, I made alittle "hard sauce" leave that to your imagination. :D

It's been a good day. I'm gearing up on Monday to start my decorating for Christmas.
Can't wait. Last year at this time I was extremely sick and I missed the whole month of December. I had to go to Cali. to take care of my mom so I missed Christmas day with my family and even New Years. A big thanks to Kenzi again for running the show here. Way to go Kenz! This year will be great!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Surrogate Grandma

Today I spent most of the day with these two little girls. Jaylee and Sherae.

They came at 9 and were supposed to leave at 11 but we were having so much fun I asked their mom if they could stay... Our first place to go of course was the dollar store. Who can't resist that when you have little girls! (wink wink) We bought gloves and scarves because it was really cold outside...coloring books and a Mickey Mouse book. Then we headed over to a craft fair and walked around. We finally came home about noon and ate sandwiches. The Bishop showed up and Jaylee remembered him from the trunk or treat and was alittle scared of him but soon realized he didn't have his makeup on and she was ok with him being in the house. He was really scary and scared all those little kids at the ward activity. (He secretly loved it.) So after eating lunch we made these cute little turkey cookies! Arn't they cute?
They were being such good little listeners. Putting their pieces of candy exactly where I told them to place them.

Jaylee and Sharae. My little grandgirlies for the day.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Month of November

Last November I seemed to have had alittle more time on my hands than I do this year. I posted alot more and wrote about some fun things.
This year I'm alittle bit more busy and things are really clinkin' along. Or it seemes to be doing that... clickin' along... I love this month. Your menu changes to those warm, hearty, comfort meals, you bake bread, cinnamon rolls and yummy fall desserts. I really love thinking about all my kids coming home for the holidays. And now they really are cause they're all gone in different directions. Yay! It's fun thinking that I have a new daughter-in-law and having her in our family for Christmas morning. I love life. I'm thankful everyday to my HF that I live at this time and I'm thankful for the things that are behind me. I've learned alot. I don't really like being in the middle of the crisis or those character building moments but after they're gone it's alot under the belt.
I'm thankful that I'm healthy and I have the opportunity to exercise. My sweet husband does everything he can to make it so I can go and exercise. I appreciate and love him!