Saturday, November 13, 2010

Surrogate Grandma

Today I spent most of the day with these two little girls. Jaylee and Sherae.

They came at 9 and were supposed to leave at 11 but we were having so much fun I asked their mom if they could stay... Our first place to go of course was the dollar store. Who can't resist that when you have little girls! (wink wink) We bought gloves and scarves because it was really cold outside...coloring books and a Mickey Mouse book. Then we headed over to a craft fair and walked around. We finally came home about noon and ate sandwiches. The Bishop showed up and Jaylee remembered him from the trunk or treat and was alittle scared of him but soon realized he didn't have his makeup on and she was ok with him being in the house. He was really scary and scared all those little kids at the ward activity. (He secretly loved it.) So after eating lunch we made these cute little turkey cookies! Arn't they cute?
They were being such good little listeners. Putting their pieces of candy exactly where I told them to place them.

Jaylee and Sharae. My little grandgirlies for the day.

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Elise said...

CUTE cookies, CUTE girlies and CUTE you!!! You are so fun I just love you