Saturday, November 20, 2010

My "Marlboro Man"

OK... He may not be the typical "Marlboro Man" good looking cowboy riding a horse with the big brimmed cowboy hat...

But my "Man" is a whole lot better. He's cute, rugged and who can't resist that adventurous hat he has on? He's just as exciting as the day I met him. And I get a thrill every time I get a chance to be with him.
It's snowed about 5 inches starting last night. There's something I love about waking up to everything being winter white. I love it.
I have had a day today like I love to spend it. Fire in the fireplace, made potato soup which I have to say is truly the most delicious tasting soup I've ever made, Maybe made it a time or two before but today especially good. And I made my totally favorite cookies, "Ginger Snaps".

Notice how a couple have already disappeared...
I don't know why I love those little bites so much but they bring me joy to my mouth as I bite into that little cookie. And to top it off, I made alittle "hard sauce" leave that to your imagination. :D

It's been a good day. I'm gearing up on Monday to start my decorating for Christmas.
Can't wait. Last year at this time I was extremely sick and I missed the whole month of December. I had to go to Cali. to take care of my mom so I missed Christmas day with my family and even New Years. A big thanks to Kenzi again for running the show here. Way to go Kenz! This year will be great!


Devanie said...

Hi Karla! The cookies look AMAZING and maybe you should post your potato soup recipe because it made me really crave some! I hope your holiday prepping is fabulous and I look forward to hearing how it goes :) Hugs across the miles!

Sarah & Garrett Condie said...

I want that soup recipe!

Mary Ellen said...

Dang. I HAVE to have one of those cookies! I haven't had a good ginger snap since Jim's mom made me a batch and sent it home with me in a coffee tin. I asked her "Mom, where did you get a COFFEE tin?"
She replied with no hesitation at all "The dump."
Ha! And them cookies were still killer good.