Monday, May 16, 2011

They're Here!

Look at those babies... with their little bums...

6 adorable kittens born Friday morning starting at 7am. She came into the house to get her usual morning cream but ran straight under the bed. When I checked for her, her stomach was heaving up and down really hard. I pretty much knew right away that she was in labor. Got her in her box filled with blankets and 15 min. later the first one was born. Within the hour she had three. By noon three more. Whew! She was tired and so was I. Number three and four she didn't take to right away, so I was the one rubbing them clean and getting them to "root" with the mama. Call me the "feline mid-wife"! She took care of them really well for 24 hrs. Sat. morning she was out of the box and didn't want to go back. She didn't feel well you could just tell, Who really would after delivering six babaies? After about three hours Kenzi and I were worried about the babies being hungry. We checked the internet and it said if she didn't go back to the box on her own, put her in and praise her. Well that worked. We talked and talked to that cat, told her she was a good mommy kitty and so on. She loved all the attention and now she hasn't left the box for two days. I take her her food and cream and those babies and her are happy as clams. They are getting bigger and they are cute and tiny. We will keep probably two and one more has been claimed. We will let them go at 8 weeks. So Friday May 13th may be unlucky for some but for this mama, it was all good.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Kitty's Prego

Here she is in all her glory. Boom Boom's gonna be a mama. I don't know how far along she is but she gets bigger and bigger every day. We usually spay our animals as soon as we can but not this one waited alittle too long. Keep you updated.

Look at that fat belly.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Sister Said...

When are you going to update your blog? She reads all my friends and says that I'm falling behind. Which I am. So here goes.
We had a great Easter. All the kids came home and we ate of course and everyone had Easter baskets of course. It was a horrible, windy day but a great day for flying kites. The boys all got a kite in their baskets!

Kenzi got Cam's kite stuck in the tree so he's climbing up to get it.

Ez and Laisa dinking around. It was so windy it blew everybody away.

Kenzi and Cam trying to fly their kite.
We played games all day and sat around the fire and watched movies. It was a fun day to re-connect with everyone.
Brooke and Colton are doing great in ND. Surviving the below freezing conditions but temperatures are climbing... Kenzi is still working and going to school learning great stuff to cook, love it when she comes home always has great receipes and Ez is now finance manager in St. George AND he came home tanner than me! What? It's true. He froze the whole time here. Poor boy. It was a fun weekend.
They all felt like they were posing for prom. They're hammin' it up. Arn't they all cute?

My lil darlins...

Lazy Day