Monday, May 2, 2011

My Sister Said...

When are you going to update your blog? She reads all my friends and says that I'm falling behind. Which I am. So here goes.
We had a great Easter. All the kids came home and we ate of course and everyone had Easter baskets of course. It was a horrible, windy day but a great day for flying kites. The boys all got a kite in their baskets!

Kenzi got Cam's kite stuck in the tree so he's climbing up to get it.

Ez and Laisa dinking around. It was so windy it blew everybody away.

Kenzi and Cam trying to fly their kite.
We played games all day and sat around the fire and watched movies. It was a fun day to re-connect with everyone.
Brooke and Colton are doing great in ND. Surviving the below freezing conditions but temperatures are climbing... Kenzi is still working and going to school learning great stuff to cook, love it when she comes home always has great receipes and Ez is now finance manager in St. George AND he came home tanner than me! What? It's true. He froze the whole time here. Poor boy. It was a fun weekend.
They all felt like they were posing for prom. They're hammin' it up. Arn't they all cute?

My lil darlins...

Lazy Day

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Elise said...

Oh my cute kids! So glad you had a great easter with everyone home! Fun update...I missed ya! Love the background too, so cute!