Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We All Have Our Moments

One of things I love about blogging is that it gives me a chance to write down thoughts or "journal" that I wouldn't usually do. I guess I blog for a couple of reasons:
1. To get things off my mind
2. To let others know what's going on in my family
3. It's a creative outlet
4. Helps me stay savvy on the computer, which I am not good at...
I have decided that I'm definitely ready for spring and I want the sun to stay out! I really feel better in warmer weather and it keeps me motivated to keep exercising.
I know that we all have our trials and at times we sometimes feel like we're the only ones who have struggles and everything seems like it's uphill ALL THE TIME!...
I found this you tube today and everything that I was on my pitty potty about seemed to have disappeared after I saw this. What a cute woman and lots of inspiration.
( don't know why my links don't highlight anymore... Anyone know?) Anyhooo... Kenzi was home for the weekend and we baked of course, she made a Starbucks pound cake, all the ingriedients measured in at a whopping pound! A pound of butter a pound of sugar, etc. A total of 9,000 calories, thats right no typo, aaahhh! But it was yummy, sent most of it home with her. She has great stories from work and is loving going to school learning how to cook and bake. She's hilarious. Brooke and Colton are trying to stay warm and Ez is burning up at 70 degree weather. He's lovin' life there in SG. I think everyone will be home for Easter and that I'm looking forward too.
This is where I used to hang out in high school and take my kids when they were little babies. Avila Beach. Many great memories. This is what I'm missing. Hope to get there before next fall...

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