Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Are the "Housewives of Heyburn"

Isn't this the funnest picture ever? We are gearing up and getting ready for the biggest race of our lifetimes. Well at least my lifetime... LOL. 60 miles. We start at the elementary school in Stanley travel over Galena Summit and end up in Sun Valley. These are dedicated women who love life, their families, who are health conscience and want to make a difference.

We met with our fab photographer Emily on Friday afternoon during a pretty big snow storm. She had this great idea to go out to the dock. Paul trucked the cool chair out thru the backyard to the dock and if you notice no footprints in front of us. She had him walk on the side of the dock, put the chair in the middle and we carefully walked as to make the snow look perfect without any tracks. So cool.

Erin, Jackie, Britanni, Myself, Elise and Renee.
I love these women. I almost can't type because of tears in my eyes. They are inspiring and I just love em! We are the "Housewives of Heyburn!"


Andersons said...

That sounds like quite the relay! Good luck. Love the cute pictures. :)

Mary Ellen said...

What an inspiring group you all are. I am loving the pic and am all in awe at the no footprint thing. Love it. Those faces are wonderfully inspiring including yours. So happy you are doing such a huge thing with such support for each other. I can hear it in your words. Thank you for sharing this experience with us!