Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Housewives of Heyburn"

Well... Here we go. I've made a commitment to run in a 60 mile relay in June. I know crazy. But I am doing it with 5 of the most fabulous women I know. We are the "Housewives of Heyburn" Thats our team name. Isn't that great? We'll give those New York and Beverly Hill's wives something to really talk about! Ha! Here's the link of the relay if you want to check it out. http://www.sawtoothrelay.com/sawtooth/home.cfm
I will be running or in my case walking 2 different legs of about 5 miles twice. That's right 5 miles, 2 times! AAAHHH! Did I mention that they're all in their in their 30's? I've started doing alittle training and I will be getting into it more as the weeks go on. I will keep you updated and hopefully get some pictures so you can meet my teammates and get to know them. (did I mention they're 30 something?) I'm pretty excited about this little adventure in my life. Being 50 doesn't mean I'm dead thats for sure. Wish me luck and any advice for this occasion is truly welcome.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Month of December Re-Capped...

Brooke and Colton spent Christmas eve with her family and came to our house on Christmas day for a few hours. They opened presents and just hung out. It was a great day.

Spending time with Kenzi is really alot of fun. It's great cause when she comes home she takes over the kitchen. It looks like a train wreck when she's done but the food is fab and she even teaches me a few new things. It's really fun having her home. She's simply a delight to have around.

Ez came home for New Year's and spent the weekend. I was sick with a bad sinus cold but we found time to visit and hang out. He's working hard in St. George and loving the weather there. He was freezing the whole time he was here. He always had his hat on and coat. Poor boy. He just needs to stay there because he cannot adjust to the really freezing conditions here... Really it has been down to 0 degrees. It's crazy.

On New Years Day my MM cooked a turkey in the deep fryer he got for Christmas. It was an interesting learning experience for him and Kenzi, his assistant... everytime I looked out the window all they were doing was laughing and carrying on...

They had to maintain the temperture of the oil at 350 degrees, the turkey cooked for about 25 minutes. It was pretty moist inside and pretty good.

"The Cooks"

Cameron and Kenzi. Can't keep them apart... Cam was with his family over the Christmas holiday but with us on New Years. We like having him around, he's a great guy.
All in all things were quiet and simple this year. We enjoyed each other's company and felt good about the things we accomplished this holiday season. The ward party was a huge success, served 220 people for dinner and made 45 dinner boxes to go to people in the community. The new year find us with goals to help better ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically. My motto as always, I love my family and my life...