Friday, October 2, 2009

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

Well it's official. The heater is on and I don't think it's going off until next spring. We dipped down to 26 degrees this morning and it was something. I'm on the prowl to buy a cord of wood and have it stacked and ready to go. Crazy.

Also I just have to tell you all who read my blog that I did only three (3) loads of laundry today in about 2 hours, folded and put away. That is my highlight for the whole weekend.! I love the laundry with just the two of us. I even ironed some of Paul's shirts before he had to wear them. Ha! :D

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Elise said...

I feel like that old lady when I get done ironing all 20 of Nate's shirts. WaHooooo!

Laudry is getting better for you, and for me it's only going to get worse.