Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Back!

Whew! That was a week to remember... For those of you who don't know I have been sick with the "swine flu" and that name does it justice. I can see now why prego moms, young children, the elderly should not get this horrible bug that creeps up on you just because it tricks you every time you turn around. After the first 24 hours I thought ok, this can't get any worse but after lying on the floor into the wee hours of the mornings, get that plural... meaning, more than one hour and more than one day, I thought ok this is pretty bad. Between the horrible stomach pains and fevers, on the fourth day the exessive vomiting had subsided but the potty breaks just kept coming. Day five, yeh! I felt almost half human. Kenzi was coming home and I know she was ready to help out.
My wonderful, kind, patient husband has been hovering over me for a solid week, helping me in and out of the tub, which was sometimes twice a day because the aches and pains were so excruciating that not even Motrin would touch it. Giving me tiny sips of of whatever I thought I could keep down, and running the household. I did hear him comment that he felt he had done more in one day taking care of things amd hadn't even left the house. He really appreciates what I do daily.
Today is day 7 and I'm feeling at a 3 which 10 was the worst. I'm really weak, lost 8 lbs. :) but
I'm almost ready to get back in the saddle. Just alittle more shopping, Kenzi and I will bake on Saturday, wrap presents then we will be ready!
Thank you to my friends who called and text to see how I was. Don't feel bad if I didn't talk to you I Just couldn't talk. And thank you to Amy for dinner on Monday night. The boys loved it. I only hope you bring it again so I can try it!


Elise said...

OH you poor girl! That does NOT sound like fun. Glad you are on the mend though. Love ya!

Mary Ellen said...

So sorry I didn't know till this mornin. Yikes. Noooo fun. I am glad you have the fortitude to get through it! Nothing like feeling better for the holidays!