Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Holidays Are Approaching

Usually living here in Idaho this time of year it's very cold. But this past week has been rather mild. Up to 68 degrees or more. Tonite when I got home from work it was very warm and mild outside. Paul and I were reminiscing about these types of evenings back in SLO town. It totally reminds us of those fall evenings when it gets dark early and the air is still warm and you can smell the salt air. Those nights are cool. Here the air is different. Sometimes you get a whiff of the stagnant water from the river or a dairy from up the road. LOL :D But either way we're in the mood for the holidays. We're planning our TG dinner and wondering if we need to make a road trip somewhere after Christmas.
Everyone will be home this weekend so we have planned to have a family picture taken. You know how those go! I told Emily to be prepared for some murmuring. Should be interesting. Stay tuned. . .

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EM said...

Tell them all that I said that they had better buck up and be good and do what I say or I will beat them up! :) Do you think that will work! Do I need to bring my friend to blow bubbles for them like I do for the LITTLE kids????