Monday, May 17, 2010

Albies Savings Today

So... here we go, weeeee!Got all this stuff for $5.60 OOP
Saved $24.81 Now thats a good deal. :0 The Capri Suns were free, on sale for $2 and had coupons worth $2. So I only paid the tax and the pectin was only .99 cents. The JD sauce was $1.49.
I also shopped at this store in Rupert called Ridleys, I don't go there very much but I have been checking their ads thanks to a fellow coupon shopper, Jackie. Got all this stuff for $12.96, saved $23.46. Not bad. The sauce has an experation of Aug. 2011. So it will stay on the shelf for quite awhile. This sauce cost me only .49 ea. the razors were $1.99 and the toothbrushes were .88 cents. Waited alittle too long and lost out on the .75 coupon I had. It expired. They should have only cost me .13 cents. Darn. But still an ok deal at .88 cents.

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Aaron and Bonnie said...

You are hilarious!! Thanks so much for taking care of my man!! Yes, I am a little paranoid, but Hey, the ones that think they won't get cheated on will!!-Not really, but that is my motto! Next time you see him ask him who he's kissin' cuz it's not me! Yes, I am slowly updating my blog but I have to do it when Aaron is home with the laptop. Keep my boy in line!