Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Savings

I hurried down to Albies this morning to get my good deals. It's such a blast getting all this stuff. I know it seems alot but when it comes to some items, I know the items we go through regularly and I really like to stock up. The Sweet Baby Ray's shelf life Aug. 2011. That's our favorite, the sour cream, thru June 30th. We go thru at least, 2 containers a week. So I know those won't go bad.
I'm proud to say that OOP was... $32.78. Whoot Whoot! Saved $ 66.19. That is awesome savings!
Now I wouldn't normally buy those quantities if I was just regular grocery shopping, but thats how you stock up and now I won't be buying sauce for quite a while. It's pretty funny when the cashier rings up 2 bottles of barbie sauce and 1 sour cream and the total is .78 cents. HA!
OR you get 4 pkgs. of jumbo hot dogs and 2 sour creams and the total is .70 cents. HA! Love the coupon shopping. :)

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Elise said...

Oh I wish I had the energy to coupon shop.

The kitchen looks GREAT, Paul can work wonders we already know that, he's a pretty talented guy!