Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today is A New Day

Mondays are not a fun day. Thats why I love Tuesdays! Terriffic Tuesday thats what I say. Spent most of the day doing busy work and enjoying the great balmy weather. We can't believe how nice it is during the day.
Things I'm thankful for today: My husband who is more patient with me today than yesterday, Kenzi who is beautiful and strong and smart, Colton who is funny and loves me, and Ez who is learning so much with life and loving every minute of it. I love my family and so thankful for life itself.


EM said...

Cute blog. I now have another one to check everyday. I have slacked off on my blogs lately, but you can also look at couchgirls.blogspot.com it is our family blog. I was told that it has a porn name, but I promise the Couch fam keeps it pretty clean. I can't wait to work on Kenz's pics. I have them in line and it is good that they are near the end, cuz it is making me get thru the other ones faster - CAN'T WAIT!

Debra said...

wow you are a great blogger. jennifer blogs, but I don't. so thanks for telling me about Ez. I feel so out of the loop. who is the cute guy with your daughter? and how is the job going for Ez? I will wait to see and hear more.

Anonymous said...

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