Saturday, June 20, 2009

How's Your Houi? Tahoe, Family & Fun!

The Rowdiest Bunch of All!
Mom, Ging, Angelina, Aunt Patty, Karla & Lisa
The Woo Hoo Girls! Where's Julie?
Aunt Patty, Karla and Scott :D

"The Braden Gang"
Aunt Patty, Scotty, Brad, Seth, Karla, Mike, Mom
Ginger, Glenda and Uncle Jack

Mom, Ging, Aunt Patty, Karla and Lisa

Ginger and Mom

OK so I've been gone for about a week traveling to South Lake Tahoe and visiting with my family on my mom's side from Cali. We had such a great time. I got to re-connect with cousins that I haven't seen in a couple of years and let me tell you it was a time to remember. This wild bunch is wild and when you look the pictures, a picture really does tell a thousand words.
We've had weddings and yes Angelina we love you maybe almost more that than Seth. . . and if we had to pick it might be hard. (but we would pick you :D)
We have stayed in the same house for about 15 years and we just seem to fall into place when we all get there. We hang out, shop, some of us gamble, shop, eat, read, shop, eat and gamble. Thats pretty much it! The weather was cold most of the time and then turned sunny on Wed. and Thurs.
Thanks to Aunt Patty and mom for making this happen for all of us. I know we will try our hardest to keep this ritual on-going. We love you!
I just want to say that I'm so glad I got to go this year and thank you to my beautiful cousins and their significant others for making me laugh and feel great about life. I love you all!
PS! Look for your "Houi" shirts for next year's get together!

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