Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where Has All the time Gone?

It's really fall here. Crazy... The geese are back and so loud. I love hearing them. I sometimes just totally stop what I'm doing and listen to them. They're so cool. The leaves are turning and just alittle slight nip in the air. It' my fav time of the year.
We had so many fun, memorable experiences this past summer.
Ez married Amanda.
They are beautiful together.
Are you kidding?? So beautiful!
They live in ND managing our little trucking company. Have a cute house and love their ward. It's starting to get cold there and they've pulled out the thermals.

Then 2 weeks later... Kenzi married Cam.
That was such a sweet moment. She was so giggly...
I have beautiful children.
They live in SL. Cam works for Zions Bank and Kenzi works for the church as a "plant specialist".
Works all over temple square taking care of all the fresh plants in all the buildings. Goes in the conference center, the temple, JSB and church office building. Runs into quite a few apostles every other day. She's golf cart certified and loves her job.
AND.... We're gonna be grandparents!!  I've already picked my name. "Mema" I don't where I got it. I just love it though. Isn't that the cutest pic? They are expecting in March.
So life is good. Paul and I are happy in our places and healthy, except for a few little aches. My parents are well and functioning for the moment. Paul's mom is healthy and happy in her lil Rupert home.  YAY!! I'm caught up for awhile.


Andersons said...

It scares me to see your kids growing up, makes me old. :) Congrats on being a grandma!

LeenieGreenie said...

Yeah, so much fun in one year. You are going to be the best Mema ever. Congrats!

Elise said...

You have a beautiful little family!!! I love that pic of Colton and Brooke, so adorable!!! Do they know what they are having?

Mary Ellen said...

Karla! I am so excited for you to have the grandparent experience! Guess what? I am called Meema. I love it. It is a happy sound!
Call me sometime!