Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Babies Are Growing!

Gettin' Ready to Pounce

This is the one I'm gonna keep

I can't believe how cute these kittys are. They are already 5 weeks old. I've been getting them out of their box for play time (I have to say I'm not that patient with it... the "bish" is better at it than me, he likes to really play with them string and all...) They are exploring and socializing with each other. They are cute! Sometimes they hunch their backs like they're going to attack, they hiss at each other, bat their cute little paws and pounce. They are so cute. I have two farmed out, I'm keeping that little black one with the orange on her face. I have fallen in love with her. Don't have a name yet, "Pookie" maybe...they are fun and cute and I'm enjoying having them around. The mama cat is really a good mama and she takes very good care of them. She still loves me to talk to her. She's spoiled now for sure...

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Elise said...

cute little fur balls! I love them when they are at that stage.
♥ you Karla