Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's That Little Popping Sound?

Well... It's these lovely little ladies.
I found the most delish recipe for marinara sauce and it is stinkin' good. I have always wanted to can my own but never had attempted. This morning at 4am my little eyes bugged right open and I was done lying in that bed so up and at em. I did get done 4 loads of laundry before 7am. And in the meantime found a wonderful recipe and thought thats what I'm doing today. So I got a bucket of just picked tomatoes from my sweet friend Michelle and came right home and started in. One, 5 gallon small size tomatoes did all this. And I love that little popping sound. Sometimes it's as quick as you take the jar right out of the pot. Music to my ears. It was an all day project but with Lifetime movies to keep you entertained it went by quick. If I was to trade for this most delicious condiment, which can be used for pizza sauce or spaghetti it would be at least 4 doz. fresh eggs. Just saying to anyone who might want to barter... I also love going into my pantry and seeing these bad boys sitting there too. Pickled Beets and Bread and Butter Pickles. The best ever if I say so myself. Both of these bring back memories from my grandma canning and sending them home with us when we would visit her in Utah. She was a funny ole woman. Always wore a big house coat and smoked Virgina Slims menthol. She was something. Loved her I did.
It's been a good day. My feet hurt and I'm tired. And I love looking at my jars.


Kresta said...

Way to go! I am the same way, I love going to my pantry and admiring my beautiful jars all lined up in rows. I am even picky about the way that I put my peaches and pears in the bottles. The outsides have to be facing the outside of the bottle so that they look pretty! Tomorrow's project --freezer corn.

LeenieGreenie said...

"it worked , it worked!" That is what I jump and say when I hear that popping sound. It is definatley a lot of work, but worth it.

Erin said...

How many eggs for just the recipe? I'm not doing any canning this year. Too lazy.

Mary Ellen said...

Fabulous! I am always impressed when someone takes on a task like canning. I swear, everyone in my family (except me) does. And so I am impressed. And now...hungry.