Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Few Trips

So I have been galavanting around the country lately. Went to Mexico the first of October which was the best time ever. The weather was extremely hot but thats OK. I've decided that I would much rather be hot than cold. Especially after the snow fall today... and freezing tempertures. Had a great visit with my parents and my sis. Laughed alot, crafted layed in the sun and got to learn quite a bit of the language there. It came to my advantage alot!
This last week Paul and I went to ND to visit Colt and Brooke. Paul set Colton apart as an Elder and we attened church in their little branch. Well it used to be a branch but in 9 months they have grown from 30 to 300 people. Crazy... Testimony meeting was inspirational. A steady line of people the whole time and we finished 15 min. late. The people are wonderful, humble and so thankful to be members. It was a great experience. The weather is turning alittle cold there but they're having a mild fall. Not too many trees there, alot of flat land. But it was fun to see places I've never been.

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