Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello My Friends

Did you think I was done blogging? I'm not... just haven't made the time to get here but I have alittle time this morning. Christmas was great with all the kids home and we really had a great time. Over the Christmas holiday Brooke and Colton were sealed in the SL temple. That was a grand experience for us and them. They are happy together and doing very well with their little lives. We are so pleased with them. Kenzi is still working her job and happy and Ez is off to new adventures with his dad. That's another day, another story when theres more time. All good of course.
 I've been in Cali. taking care of my mother for the last 2 weeks. She fell right before Christmas and broke her hip. Had a replacement and now is home "rehabbing".  There was alot to do when I got here but we have things under control. It's weird to watch people around you, siblings... to see what their reactions are to situations. My dad has dymentia and uses a walker full time. He's quite the handful and requires constant attention and assistance. My mother is doing very well but alittle forgetful like using the walker to get across the room and then turn right around and start walking out of the room without it! It's a full time babysitting job sometimes. I feel blessed to be here and care for my parents. It's another phase of my life that I knew someday would be here and it's a reality check when your here. My dad has always been a very stern man, not really happy in his life though I think he thought he was and if it wasn't for his "happy pill" would be cruel with words. He's in a boyish stage and is sweet and kind. It's odd to see that behavior just because I have never experienced that with him. I've had moments that I just sit with him and hold his hand and cry to know that he is in this state of his life which I'm sure is frustrating for him as well. He sees my tears and is tender with me with alittle pat on my arm. Somewhat confused by my tears.  I've really never had experiences with him like that. He tells me that he loves me and is so glad I'm here. My mother is a real go getter and is very mad that she fell and has put everyone out. So she thinks. My sister has retired from her job recently and I'm in a place that with my  time that I can be here. We are all ok with the situation, she just needs to learn alittle more patienc. She's just frustrated and wants to go, go, go. She will be ready in about a month and then we probably won't be able to keep up with her! She's 83 this year and is just gettng started. Really good genes there so I'm not worried about getting to her age.
I've been to zumba once. A pretty good class, nothing like AnnaLee but got a good workout. I will be coming home for about 2 weeks and then back here for maybe 3.
Life is all about adventures and how we approach them is the key thing. The weather here has been 75 everyday and I have loved waking to a slight breeze and sunshine constantly. Since the beach is close by there is always alittle moisture in the air and it feels tropical always. I really love it here. I miss my friends and long for their conversations and friendships. I love you all.


Erin said...

Miss you! Glad to hear you're doing well.

Mary Ellen W. said...

I have so missed you and your posts! I was wondering and hoping that all was well and thinking something must be "up". So sorry to hear about your mom and so happy to hear you can go and be with her. And how great that you can have a sweet time with your dad now. A confusing blessing.
Take care! I would love to see your smiling face sometime when you are back and settled!