Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Is In the Air...

I feel it, I really do! It's a hit and miss but it's coming. Sooo much happening here in this household.
Kenzi and Ezra both now engaged. Kenzi getting married June 30th and Ez hasn't set a date yet. Sometime this summer though. We are excited.
Paul is working hard driving his truck in ND. Doesn't like it very much but we are hopeful it's getting on it's way. The weather out there is really mild and that makes things more tolerable. I find myself doing alot of office work trying to stay on top of all the paperwork. AND there's alot!  I travel to and from Cali. once a month lately. My parents are doing well. Dad seems to slip weekly with his little mind and things are just  not coming to him. Mom is doing very well with the recovery with the new hip. Her doc told her that most women at her age 83, that break a hip usually die within the next year because they cannot get back to normal activity. Therefore they cannot get healthy to be able to recover if they become sick.  Does that make sense? So shes very healthy but needs to slow down a bit and take more time. She rushes around like a mad woman sometimes and we have to tell her to take it easy. The break has taken a bit of tole on her. Her stamana is not the same and we have to take more breaks when we're shopping. It's all good.
We spent some time in Baja  and of course it was great weather. I love that place. It's so relaxing and you really have no cares in the world. Look at the beautiful background. Every morning onto the deck for a couple of hours watching the sun come up and the birds diving for fish. It's great.
Life is good for the Douglass Clan and we look forward to our upcoming adventures. Stay tuned!

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Jann said...

She rushes around like a mad woman......hummmmm......that sounds familiar sound busy and you girl...jann