Friday, July 24, 2009

It Was Hot in Eugene!

OK! So we're back and in full swing. We had a great time with Ez and his new apartment is very nice. I was surprised actually to see how clean it was. Way to go Ez! He does live on the third floor and thank heavens Tereasa (bosses girlfriend) talked him into buying a little air conditioner. It saved us. Big thanks.
So we shopped, spruced up his apartment, organized his files and set up his desk in his extra bedroom, bought a great kitchen dining set for only $150. That was a steal and put a treat jar on the table and a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter. It looks and feels very "homy." We went to dinner a few nights and Kenzi made a great dinner one night. We went and played miniture golf, I came in second... The kids went to the show and all in all it was a fun time. Once again take a look at the pictures and they tell a thousand words. I'm truly blessed to be able to have the gift of having my children. I love how individual they are and they all have their own way of thinking.
I love them!

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