Friday, July 10, 2009

SOAR Day at Utah State

OK went to Logan yesterday and we did the parent and student orentiation thing. WOW that was alot of information. But both Paul and I feel so much better about Kenzi going to school there. I wish I was 18 again just so I could go there. It is such a beautiful town and the school is wonderful! So many kids and she met so many nice people. Lotsa boys and she was checkin' things out. She got all of her classes and will move into her dorm August 15th. Yeh! She drove home from Logan and that was something. . . She's going to have to get alittle more familiar with freeway driving. Whew! I'm glad I wasn't in the from seat. :D

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Mary Ellen Wagenman said...

Karla...what a fun place you have created here. You have my creative juices excited to try. I started a blog long time ago...wonder what happened to it? Hmmmmm.
Have the best trip. Eat some fish for me.

I love ya, Mary Ellen