Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Already February

I really love Valentines Day. I guess I'm just the ole romantic at heart. Aloooong time ago Paul wasn't very intuitive...and so during my counseling days, (that was alooong time ago too) I learned that if you want something specific for Valentines Day you have to tell your husband and never leave caution to the wind. Men just don't get it, so if you think that your husband is going to "get it" for a valentines gift think again sister! You have to tell him exactly what you want. They are just to... a nice word would be pre-occupied. Give him a couple of suggestions so they have time to get something that may not be in their reach. I'm telling you what, it really works. I love getting flowers. About 11 years ago that's what I told Paul I wanted and that's what I got for Valentines Day. Been getting flowers ever since. Along with anything else I think I might have a chance in receiving. This year I told him I thought it would be nice to go to SL and stay in Little America. So we'll see... Don't get mad at your hubbies just cause you've been married for so many years and you think they should know, they won't. So don't be disappointed this year. Go ahead tell them.

Let me know if any of you take my advice and share with all of us what happens.

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