Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Valentines Weekend

So no one has written about what their hubbies got them for valentines day. Come on girls fill me in!
My weekend was great. We left on Sat. afternoon headed to SL. We had dinner at our favorite place, In and Out Burger... which is now in UT. Protein cheeseburger, animal style! Extra crispy fries and a diet. Heaven! We of course stayed at Little America :) ate all the chocolate we brought and watched the Olympics. Slept in had a great breakfast and cruised around and looked at cars. It was great. So relaxing without any deadlines.
We drove to Logan Sunday afternoon, had a late lunch with Kenzi and caught up with her. She is doing so great and still loving the job.
It was a great time to re-connect. I can't imagine loving Paul anymore than I do. But everyday I still do and we tell each other we can't imagine living without the other. We have a pretty sweet life he and I!


Elise said...

Lucky girl! You guys have such a great relationship, you are a good example to us!

Mary Ellen said...

Jim was sick on Valentine's Day. Had a fever and a bad headache...but still he managed to have a sweet bling for me. I, too, am blessed with my hubbs. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Congrats!