Monday, February 1, 2010

We Have Another Birdie Home...

Empty nesting only lasted for about two months and then a little birdie came home and now we have another. Isn't that great?... It's not really that bad Paul and I just laugh. The two boys are here trying to get back on track again and get alittle push from the parent's. Colt spent a few months looking for a job and nothing came of it. So... he's here working with Paul and YES! we have some work. Three jobs to be exact. I think it will take us into March or April. So Colt will be working with Paul and start paying off school loans and saving money.
(Sshh, but I think he wants to ask Brooke to marry him) so he needs some money in the bank. :) It's fun to have them here and I think it will be fine. Kenzi loves her job and is looking for an apartment to live in Logan during the summer. She is dancing and has some performances coming up so we will be going to Utah to watch her.

This is pretty cool. My niece, Ashli sent this Amaryllis to me for my birthday the first part of Dec. I received on the 10th to be exact and here it is today. It is so beautiful. It's a light peach and white color, two beautiful blooms with another one ready to pop. I don't know how long they will last but we love looking at them. Also I forgot that Ez took a picture of the eagle in the tree that was in the backyard a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty cool. Hope you can see it.

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Mary Ellen said...

Know what I love about you? You just take things in stride and go with it. Makin life fun just cuz it is.