Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kenzi Got a Job!

Kenzi got a job this last week. We are so excited. She is one of 6 chefs at a eating disorder clinic in Logan. There are two facilities, adult and adolescent. She has worked in both places and has decided that she likes the younger girls better. They are eager to learn and are really full of life. All the girls help prepare meals, clean up and Kenzi eats and associates with them. She will be a great source of inspiration and a positive influence in their lives. You can go here to read about the facilities
It really is amazing and they have wonderful reviews.
It's a world I'm not familiar with and thank goodness I hope never to be. Kenzi said she fights back tears and has alot of empathy for the girls that are there. I know she is going to learn alot about life. What a great experience.

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