Tuesday, January 12, 2010

High School Reunion

I do have to tell you my readers one fun thing that happened to me when I was home taking care of mom.
My high school had a five year reunion between 1978 - 1983. I went with my brother and his wife. It was pretty fun because... No one recognized me! They all had to look at my name tag to see who I was. One guy said, who I hung out alot with, "Holy S---! You look like a movie star! You look awesome!" He did not know who I was. I was so taken back I almost choked. Then I was talking to the cutest guy in my class, football star, quarter back, everyone wanted to be with him... and I had a hot flash! I was sweating so profusely I couldn't even get a grip. Sweat was running down the side of my face, perspiration on my upper lip, my hair was going limp, wow it was bad. But I got thru it and when I turned to leave he said, "Wow, Karla you look terrific." Yeh! That was the highlight of my year. (So far) Were only on Jan. 12th.
It really is true when they say the guys look bad that were so cute and the girls get better and better. It's true!

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