Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Shoppin' Again!

Here's my thrifty savings for today:

Walgreens: $96.48 OOP$39.30 Savings of $57.18 Check out the mayo spent $2.23 ea on those bad boys... $1.99 for the batteries and .33 cents for the soup. The razors were buy one get one free @ $5.00 and the chicken stock .59 cents ea. Love it! :)

Target: $79.27 OOP $43.95 Savings of $35.32
So today I spent approx. $83.00 for all this stuff and it went into my food storage. I love it. I think thats quite a bit of stuff and savings!


Erin said...

Even the donettes went into food storage?

LeenieGreenie said...

I wish I was this motivated.