Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Family in Cali!

This is the Saturday we brought my mom home and had 30 people at the house for Christmas dinner. I was alittle hammered! Me and Ging pulled it off and it was a success. Help from all family members was greatly appreciated!
Here's my mom and dad. My older brother on the left, my more mature sister, and my baby brother in front of me. We had a nice visit while we were all together. I love them all in their unique way. We all have something to bring to the table and it's great. My mother is doing better everyday. The blood pressure is down a bit and cholesterol high. Those two things are being treated "aggressively". Mom's doctor is Dr. Kienle, very young and cute and needless to say we all three girls get along great with him. We make him laugh... :)
Things are almost back to normal here at our house. Kenzi leaves tomorrow to go back to school, Colton is in Boise looking for a job so that leaves us with Ez. He is doing well at work and has sold 4 cars in two weeks. Go Ez! I'm glad to be home even though the weather back in Cali is 70 most of the time and here, well, it's damn cold!

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EM said...

Aren't cute doctors the best! If you have to have one - they might as well be cute! If you ever need eye surgery - have I got the doc for you! :) Glad your life is getting more under control.
Go Ez! that is impressive in these times. Have a great week.