Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 Weddings and a Funeral !

We have been busy here at the Douglass house. Ez moved to St. George on Sunday and he's off with his new adventure. He's in the process of looking for a place to stay. Kenzi was home for a couple of days and of course we shopped caught her up with groceries and supplies. That was fun having her home. She is so fun to be around. I miss her and really enjoy hanging out with her. Of course Colt and Brookie are doing great with school and work.
We had a friend come to visit us on Sunday and he brought his fiance, Bonnie. Paul had the pleasure of marrying them on Tuesday afternoon. It was a beautiful day and they are happy little lovebirds.
The Bish, Bonnie and Rick

So to date since July 18th, we've had 3 weddings, 1 funeral and 2 baptisms.
Life is Good ! :D

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