Thursday, September 16, 2010

Viking Man and a Funeral

At dawn last Saturday they started they're approach. Swimmers of all ages, sizes, male and female. It was the 2nd Viking man swim from our dock. It was alot better weather this year than last year, as it was so cold, raining and almost snowing. Early June. They changed the date this year hoping it would be alittle warmer. It was. What a fun site to see all these dedicated people do what they love. Congrads to them all!

Today we had the funeral for Andrea. It was a very sweet and spiritual service. The music was amazing and the talks extremly well put. My sweet husband conducted and helped the family this past week. It's amazing what happens inside families and how some get confused and let little things fester and cause conflict. Paul counseled them to not let disagreements come between each other. We must love and do good and be kind to each other. Life is fragile and death is certain. Really, how lucky we are to know about death and the joyous occasion it is when we cross over the vail. Pretty simple words but inspiration for us to live by. By the end of the day I felt that the two sides had made some kind of amends. They spoke to each other, hugged and had a simple quiet moment together. For Andrea's sake, I'm happy that took place.
I keep telling Paul that by his time is over being bishop, him and I will have learned so many things and gained so much knowledge. It's a very rewarding time in our lives.

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Elise said...

So cool that your backyard is the starting line.

How did the food turn out at the funeral, was there enough?