Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Albies Savings Today

This is good. . . All this stuff WOULD have cost me $55.08. Out of pocket $19.96. That's a savings of $35.12. Wooohooo! This lunch meat is the cheapest way to make lunches for Colton and Paul since three sandwiches a day go out of here. So I'm excited about this score. One of my transactions for the deli meat was only $4.24. That's only $1.30 per package. Regularly $3.99, but they were on sale for $2.50. Using the coupons and the doubler from Albies. Thats how you thrifty shop! :)


Elise said...

My toes look great! Thanks for everything. I checked out that website, the flowers are adorable, but I don't know if I could make them.

Aaron and Bonnie said...

Hey, thanks for supplying some drugs to my poor husband the other night:) I'm glad someone is there to take care of him while I lay out and get my tan on down here! You are so dang cute and I love to check up on ya! And.....the Albertsons down here sucks! No doublers EVER!