Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Where Are You?

Ugh! Snow and cold, cold, cold. No fun going on here. But we're hopeful.
We had a nice weekend with everyone home. Kenzi had to work Sunday afternoon so we had our Easter dinner on Saturday. It was great of course. Kenzi is still learning a lot from her job and has very interesting stories to tell. She's trying to find a roomate to stay in Logan during the summer but so far no luck. :( Ez went to a different job this weekend and will not be selling cars anymore. He will be working with a local company here selling parts for motorcycles and then eventually they will be opening a wake boarding center along with their boats and water crafts. It's his true love. So he's excited about that. He learned alot from Adam and appreciated his time at Hansen Chevrolet. Colt is still working with Paul and planning his future...
Mom and dad are in Mexico and they felt the earthquake that happened on Sunday afternoon. They called to tell us everyone was OK. They started to feel the shake then Wade yelled at them to get out of the house. Kinda scary thinking about your 80 year old parents hurrying out of the house. They were fine. I asked dad if mom was nervous and he said she only gets nervous if I think I'm having a heart attack. Great. . . Mom's a trooper. They will stay in Baja for another week then home. I'm glad they're healthy enough to keep going. We will be planning dad's 80th b-day party this August. Can't wait to go home for a week.

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